• When: 2019-05-07
  • QIC: Billy Bob
  • The PAX: Spot, Welcome Week, Gump, Huffy, Beads, Fallout, Backdraft, Bueller, Mud Dog, Insanity, Oscar, Traitor, Billy Bob

Simple, but effective (Thunder Version)

Conditions: 64 degrees. Sweaty.

The Thang:

Disclaimer (Included safety reminder). Important because very few PAX were wearing reflective gear.

  • 20ish SSH IC
  • 10 Knerkins
  • YHC announced we’d be leaving campus and going out for a nice mosey. Before leaving the parking lot, each PAX completed 10 hand release knerkins, 15 catcher squats and 20 heel tap crunches.

We then set out to wander the streets of Shandon, up and down hills, in search of something only known to each of us. The pace was fast. YHC wanted to cover as many miles as possible while stopping for 10 pain stations. We did the same 3 exercises and the same amount reps at each one for a total of 100 Hand Release Knerkins, 150 Catcher Squats and 200 Heel Tap Crunches. After the last pain station, we covered the last .5 mile back to the flag at a fast clip.

  • At the flag PAX circled up and caught their breath. YHC asked for each PAX to close their eyes and envision a hero to them.
  • Upon doing so, each PAX completed a 21 Burpee Salute to honor their hero.


COT/BOM: Prayer by YHC

DEVO by Mud Dawg:



  1. We’ve got 2 important community events this Friday and Saturday. Let’s show Columbia what we’re all about. Encourage PAX to participate and spread the word all week. HCs are encouraged. 
    Friday evening: Special Olympics Torch Run. 
    Saturday morning: Get in the Pink 5k
  2. 5 year Anniversary at Battle this Saturday!
  3. New AO announcement for summer months!
    AO: Oval Office (name change)
    Location: USC Track
    Date & Time: Tuesday’s 1745-1830
    Launch: May 7th – August 20th
    Track work for any and all PAX
    Great way to get faster and prepare for fall race season.

Moleskin: We covered 2.3 (it felt like way more) miles and everyone gave great effort and utilized quality form. There was a brief Paperboy encounter. He was not included in the F3Counts. It’s powerful what you can do when not focused on yourself. The last thing any of us wanted to do was burpees after grinding out the miles and reps mentioned above. The example of the 21 Burpee Salute goes to show that when you are Living Third, living for something greater than oneself, you can accomplish what most won’t be able to. TClaps men. Work was done!