• When: 2019-08-07
  • QIC: McLovin
  • The PAX: Detour, Collar, Chop Shop, Pinkman, Funnel Cake, RA, Bubbles, Strom, Wally, McLovin

Roller Coaster Scramble

With oppressive heat and the need to #GetBetter both looming over the #Gloom this particular morning, YHC emerged from the #Fartsack looking to down a glass of #DRP.  Nothing like a few miles on a familiar roller coaster route to get your mind right and give you the opportunity to put in some work on a hump day.  T-Claps to the 10 PAX, who were willing to put in some work this morning in order to #GetBetter.


Conditions: 70 degrees and no breeze (perfect Burpee weather)


The Thang:

Head out of Trenholm Plaza onto Forest Drive.

Take Forest Drive to Falcon Drive.

Take left onto Falcon Drive.  Buzz FiA Columbia workout.

Take left onto Beltline Boulevard.

Take Beltline Boulevard to Kilbourne Road – #Crowdpleaser

Take left onto Kilbourne Road.

Take left onto Sanford Drive.

Take right onto Kathwood Drive.

Take Kathwood Drive to Woodlake Drive.

Take left onto Woodlake Drive.

Take Woodlake Drive to Trenholm Road.

Take right onto Trenholm Road.


Enter Trenholm Plaza

Return to Virtual Shovel Flag


Total mileage – 4.7 miles

COT/BOM – McLovin


  • Great work by the PAX this AM. Strom led the way. For a man with three 2.0’s, including a brand new baby, his hair still looks amazing.
  • T-Claps to Collar and Detour for getting that extra 0.3 miles to log an even 5.0 miles.
  • YHC wants to take a moment to honor our outgoing AOQ, Wally, Wally-E, Wallace of Scramble. This morning was a fitting example of the type of #HIM that Wally is.  As we stood in the #COT, we became concerned that Wally had gotten lost (a rare occurrence for our AOQ), only to discover that he had intentionally chosen to log an extra 1.25 miles this particular morning.  Why?  No other reason other than to #GetBetter and #GetBetter he has.  Wally is a true example of #WasNow that has answered the call of F3, and makes all who know him better.  From handing out batteries and reflective belts (to keep us safe) to running his first half marathon (to set a standard for others to aspire to), the PAX of #Scramble have been blessed by his leadership.  T-Claps Wally.  Join us on Friday as we say thanks to Wally and welcome the next AOQ.