• When: Trip date: 07/16-25/2017
  • QIC: Columbo
  • The PAX: Columbo, 2.0 Olivia, John Lastinger

Nicaragua 2017

July 16-25 me, my 2.0 Olivia, and pastor will travel to Ometepe Island to share the good news of the gospel through home evangelism.  I will also continue building relationships with those have met during my previous visits to this land of wonderful and loving people.

Over the course of my visits I have come to know Pastor Francisco Hernandez and his family quite well.  I have joined him on outreaches to the people of Ometepe Island.  We have shared the gospel with the people, we have prayed for the people, and we have encouraged the people. Outreaches include a bag with contains a portion of beans, rice, oil, sugar, toothbrushes/paste, articles of clothing and small toys.  The beans and rice sustain a family of 4 for a few days in a country where the average take home wage is $5.00 a day.  Pastor Francisco is working all over the island to evangelize and to bring a message of hope for those in need.

I ask that you keep me, my 2.0, and my pastor, John Lastinger, in your prayers.  Prayers for safety everywhere we go and travel.  Prayers of provision and bargains.  Prayers of wisdom and knowledge as we share and meet new people.  Prayers that new opportunities will arise.  Prayers that the relationships which have made in previous trips will continue to grow and flourish.

I also ask you to help me with a small investment.  Approximately 2 months ago the Hernandez family home was burglarized.  Unlike here in America; where the run of the mill burglary usually is the loss of a TV, laptop, jewelry etc, when they were victimized they lost everything. Clothing, shoes, cooking utensils, pots, pans etc.  They are slowly recovering from this incident and are working hard to get back to “normal.”  In addition to replacing these items they are slowly doing repairs to their home.  In addition to being a beacon of light to the community they have a few crops, and chickens which provide eggs they sell at their store.  The store doubles as a convenience store and a motorcycle parts store and repair shop.  The youngest son, Obed,  is gifted in the area of mechanics and makes a living replacing tires, doing tune ups and other maintenance on motorcycles.  These people have invested in my life as I have learned so much from them.  I have invested time in me to allow me into their lives and to even share a message to their congregation (“Disclaimer.  I am not a professional preacher”).  I want to invest in their business.  Obed has a need for an air compressor. This valued item will go a long way in helping him to improve his business and I want to give you men of F3 an opportunity to give to this need.  This is an item in which I will purchase down there for Obed which will likely cost approximately $150.00.  Due to the cultural differences I ask that the specifics of Obed getting a compressor and where it came from be kept to a minimum.  If you are so inclined to invest in in this opportunity you all know how to reach me.  If you have any questions about this cultural difference I am speaking of don’t hesitate to ask.  Anything above and beyond that which is needed for the compressor will help to offset costs for this trip.

I am thankful to have this opportunity and hope some of you will join me someday.  I would be honored to take you.


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