• When: 2018-11-27
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: Froyo, Teddy, Odyssey, Sidesaddle, Cuddles, Bloodwork, Chewy, Pipeline

Kettlebells, Kettlebells, It’s Christmastime at the Woodshed

YHC’s number was called early this holiday season, but no time like the present for the 4th annual 12 Days of Christmas workout at the Woodshed. This year YHC added kettlebells to ring in the season in style.

Conditions: Just above freezing, crisp, clear, and Christmasy

The Thang:


  • SSH x30 IC
  • Little baby arm circles forward/reverse/clap x12 IC each
  • Imperial walkers x25 IC

Now that @F3WoodshedFlag has arrived, it’s time to get down to business. Grab a kettlebell and mosey to the front of the school where YHC has a list of 12 exercises covered up. Uncover #1 (A Lap Around the Track) and perform. Then uncover #2 (2 Turkish Get-ups) and perform #2 followed by #1. Repeato all the way up to #12. #YouKnowTheDrill

For the 12 days of Christmas, Pipeline gave to me:

12 Overhead Presses (or tricep extensions, your choice)
11 Monkey Humpers
10 Flutter Kicks (with bell)
9 Curls for the Girls
8 Tuck Jumps
7 Decline Merkins
6 Goblet Squats
(you know it by now; sing it loud & proud) 5 BUUU-RRRR-PEEEEEES
4 Kettlebell Swings
3 Dive Bombers
2 Turkish Get-ups, and…
A Lap Around the Track

Collect the bells when done, mosey back to @F3WoodshedFlag.


BOM by Pipeline


  • Past #12Days workouts used blocks, but YHC decided it would take too long to run all the way across campus, collect blocks and then run all the way back around campus, and put out a call for seasonally appropriate kettlebells instead. Somehow the pax still ran short on time, so 12, 11 and 10 were all done back-to-back. This saved 15 burpees among other things. Regardless, #WorkWasDone.
  • Thanks to @Pondo, @Crab Daddy, @Teddy, @Odyssey and @Chewy for providing the bells.
  • If you liked this workout, you should really check out #IronYard. It’s pretty similar, or so I hear.


  • Families Helping Families needs a few extra pax to man the phones, check the Twitter for details.
  • F3 Columbia holiday party, 12/14 at #TheCastle, details forthcoming

Pipeline out. Ho ho ho.