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Columbia Flood Support

F3 Nation:

First, thank you for your amazing generosity and words of support following the flood issue in Columbia this weekend. We are all fine — no serious injuries and no loss of life. However, thousands in Columbia have lost homes, cars, and businesses, including many F3 Columbia pax. The flood waters cut right through the Lake Katherine and Old Woodlands neighborhoods where many of our guys live and work. At least 7 of our AOs were directly affected.

The situation is uncomfortable at best and becoming more dire. Water and sewer service are disrupted with a timeline of 3-4 days to restore. Many areas have no power. The Lake Katherine neighborhood is inaccessible except by boat — those folks can’t get out, and aid can’t get in. Buried gas lines have broken and in many areas there is a smell of natural gas present and the fear of fire or explosion. A friend of mine told me this morning “I’m going to have to get a new propeller for my boat — I didn’t see the Lexus.”

Many of you have asked how you can help. First, we have set up a GoFundMe page for direct financial contributions to displaced F3 families. You can access it here, and any help for our guys is greatly appreciated: gofund.me/9x5mxfv8

Bottled Water is the next biggest need. The grocery store shelves are completely empty, and if supplies on hand run out before the water comes back on, there is going to be chaos.

Recovery: Cleaning supplies — especially bleach — will be necessary. There will also be a need for clothes of all description.

Subprime is co-ordinating our efforts (Twitter @USCMark2001, 803-730-1844). Those of you wishing to send items from out of town should take it to one of two places, depending on where you are coming from. If you are on the WEST side of the flood (Greenville, Rock Hill, Charlotte, etc), you can deliver items to Dos Equis’ house at 4116 Devereaux Rd, Columbia, SC 29206. If you are on the EAST side (Charleston, Summerville, etc) your drop off point is Hee Haw’s garage at 314 Crown Point Rd, Columbia SC 29209. We will distribute from there.

We will persevere. The flood waters are receding and clean up will begin. The biggest fear in the city now concerns five hospitals that have no water and no air conditioning. We appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and support.


0 thoughts on “Columbia Flood Support”

  1. Sway,
    Pulling together plans to deliver bottled water to Dos Equis location tomorrow (10/6) AM.
    Hit me back if you need anything specific for that location and I will make sure you get whatever else you guys need.

  2. Sway, would it work for further away PAX to send cases of water, bleach and other items via Amazon to these two addresses?

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