• When: 2017-10-24
  • QIC: Cheesy
  • The PAX: Big Worm; Dusty; Ragweed; Rivet; Renfrow; Nap; Logo; Trademark; Pink Eye; Two Buck; Ringer; Cheesy

BrickPile Michigan Loops

Nice morning with the rain passing through and leaving clear skies and mild temps.  Good group that got after it with some nice mumble chatter thrown in…

Run to Shandon Animal Clinic Parking Lot for warm-up

25 SSH

20 IW

10 Merkins

Run to Michigan/Princeton corner by the wall for directions LBAC’s while directions given.

Partner up; 1st partner holds plank while other partner runs to opposite corner of Dev/Daly.  Once there Partner 2 holds plank and waits on Partner 1.  Then Partner 2 back to Mich/Princ waits on #1 then group exercises.

1st Round:  Plank/ 10 Wide Arm; 10 Regular; 10 Diamond

2nd Round:  Air Chair/ 30 Squats IC (#crowdpleaser)

3rd Round:  6”/ 20 Flutters IC regular 10 IC slow (#crowdpleaser #2)

4th Round:  Plank/ 10 Wide Arm; 10 Regular; 10 Diamond

Over the wall and pause at cage for one round of 20 pull ups OYO.

Over to side of school for People’s Chair

Across field 10 merkins

Another set of People’s Chair

Run to Hollywood Squares for final arm push.

2 Sets of 10 Dips/ 10 Incline Merkins/ 10 Decline Merkins


Good group this morning with the subtle mumble chatter that only BrickPile can generate.  By my watch we did 2.36 miles.  Perfect weather for a workout so start to EH some guys that need a push to get back in the Pax.

Need to collect Mac -n- Cheese for Oliver Gospel Mission for T’giving; bring to BrickPile and Cheesy will collect and deliver.  (small box)