• When: 12/12/2015
  • QIC: Costanza
  • The PAX: Love Bug, Betamax, Pole Position, Subprime, Costanza, Pipeline, OC, Cesspool, Drive By, Huffy

Back to business at #Dawnstrike

10 pax arrive for YHC’s return to the gloom. Having been away for 2 weeks due to injury and a recent root canal, YHC was ready to put in the work.

Conditions: Wet (not rainy); 50 degrees

The Thang:

Mosey over to the tree line where YHC has set out 4 cones.
First exercise is the suicide.

Second exercise is also the suicide, but with a burpee at each cone.

Third exercise is also the suicide, but with 5 Merkins at each cone.

Fourth exercise is also the suicide, but with 2 Tuck Jumps at each cone.

Fifth exercise – you guessed it – suicide, but with 5 squats at each cone.

With the suicide circuit complete, mosey around Dreher to the parking lot.
From the first planter, lunge walk to each parking lot stripe (2 lunges for Cesspool; 3 for YHC #Shortlegs) At each parking lot stripe, do a Burpee.

Total of 32 Burpees and a lot of lunges.

From there mosey over to the #Brickpile where YHC has conveniently set out Concrete Blocks for everyone.

Circle up.
15×4 IC Curls
15×4 IC Big Boys
15×4 IC Overhead Press
30×4 IC Flutter kicks with blocks overhead
15 OYO Curl Presses
15 OYO Big Boys

15×4 IC Merkins
30×4 IC Flutters with blocks overhead
15×4 IC Benchpress

15×4 IC Curls
15×4 IC Overhead Press
30×4 IC Flutter kicks with blocks overhead
15 OYO Curl Presses

-some odd number of bent over rows – maybe 20 IC? – while the pax sing Row, row, row, your boat #noonewascounting You just never know what is going to happen at #Dawnstrike.

Mosey to the adjacent parking lot.
Lounge walk to the first planter, then high knees to the second and sprint back.
10 OYO Burpees

Put the blocks away.

Mosey around the building.

Preform a couple of wall sits.

Mosey over to the cones.
Starting at the back cone.
Broad Jump Burpees to each cone, then 10 Monkey Humpers and 10 SSH at each cone.

When complete, mosey over to the #HollywoodSquares

15×4 IC Incline Merkins
10 OYO Step ups, each leg
15×4 IC In & Outs
15 Decline Merkins
15×4 IC Dips

82×4 IC Flutter Kicks

AMRAP Merkins

Workout Complete.

BOM Closed out by Costanza

– Always great fun at Dawnstrike. The worst part about being on the Q is missing all of the mumblechatter, but I did over head several treats directed toward me, so I suppose that means it was a good workout.
– Happy to be back after 2 weeks off. F3, lets never be without each other for that long again.
– Great to have Subprime among the pax, great to see you brother. Nice to see you for the first time at #Dawnstrike. Don’t be a stranger. Welcome to the #DawnstrikeElite

– Christmas party next week. Sign up here http://tiny.cc/f3xmas for something to bring.
– Good luck to all pax running the Kiawah half this morning.

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