• When: 113017
  • QIC: Rocking Chair
  • The PAX: Heisenberg(R), Brick, Drysdale, Wings, Abner, Onside, Net Zero, Wee Wee, Miranda, Rocking chair(R)

Surge MARSOC version

YHC was honored to get the call and invitation from Escobar to lead the Pax at one of our brand spankin’ new AO’s.  It even still smells new…  YHC was impressed by the strong showing by the Surge pax, both in numbers and game.   Although this AO is on the out limits of YHC’s travels (35 miles one way), the trip was well worth it as good work was done by everyone!

One minute warning, intro, disclaimer, check for FNG’s, BOM

The Thang:  Immediately begin a dead Indian run covering 1/2 mile (pax at end does a Burpee before sprinting to the front).

Arrive at Station 1:  30 Merkins, 30 air Squats (get some good air), 30 crunches. (after every set there is a 50 yard sprint to the school and back), Followed by 10 Burpees and plank for the 6.  Bear crawl 50 yards to :

Station 2:  30 Windmills, 30 Merkins, 30 4 ct. Mountain Climbers ( 50 yard sprint after each), 10 burpees and pank for the 6.  Traveling sidewinder Merkin ( merkin with a arm walk to the side) to :

Station 3: 30 Flutter kicks, 30 Merkins, 30 Star Jumps ( a crowd pleaser and entertaining for YHC to watch at every AO so far!) 50 yard sprint and back after each set and 10 Burpees and plank for the 6. Lunge to:

Station 4: 30 Supermans, 30 Merkins, 30 4 ct. Lunges 30 Hello Dollies, Sprint 50 yards and back and 10 Burpees. Plank for 6.

Out of time , head back to the flag.

Circle up for count a rama and name a rama.

Announcements: Christmas Parade this Sunday, 12/3 see pre blast for details , line up by 3:00 all welcome, 12/15 F3 / FIA Christmas party at Saluda River Club, see preblast, F3 Grow coming end of January 2018 we need more HC’s see pre blast @F3GrowRuck

Prayer Requests: Ho Help, and Shake N Bake with their recoveries, Postal, Un Named Pax, Escobar’s 2.0, Blindside’s 2.0

Devo : Leave no Doubt