• When: 2019-10-11
  • QIC: Olive Oil
  • The PAX: Pepto, Chop Block, Watergate, Crab Cakes, Penny Stock, The Don, FN3, Cheddar, Double Fault, Shag, Booster, Floppy Disk, Rebar, A1A, Lumbergh, Casio, Pothole, Sweet Tart, Steel Toe, Lap Dog, Olive Oil (YHC)

Back in the saddle

Weather – mid 50’s and awesome.

Field conditions – dew with dew on top of the previously stated dew


After a few weeks away for make sure the 2.0 was good to go and a little procedure to make sure that the most recent 2.0 was the last one, YHC was back in action today in the gloom….and boy did I miss it.  Looks like the PAX heard of my return with some big numbers for the frisbee action this morning.  To the highlights!!!

  1.  After count off for teams and prayer, Team 1 started the scoring with Lap Dog getting one past Booster, then flexing.  At first, this appeared to be a little to early for such antics, but it was more of a precursor of the morning as some reset the score after 30 minutes with Team 1 up a lot to…..well, at least Team 2 had a couple of goals…just less than a third of Team 1.
  2. The mumble chatter was on point this morning.  While it was more “my bad” or yelling random sounds after a bad throw(s) or shot(s), the chatter (actually smack talk) between Pepto and Chop Block was on point this morning.  Nothing like a younger, faster kid going after his older, slower father in the gloom.
  3. Speaking of Booster, since 75% of his team kept playing offense even after a turnover, he was the closest thing Team 2 had to defense.  A close second was Crab Cakes, who knocked at least five passes away with some outstanding hops.  A distant third was the rest of Team 2.
  4. Was not much wrong for Team 1.  Even Rebar got Double Fault to throw it to him…..yeah, not on the same team.  The Don had a great shot that looked like it rolled up Booster’s chest and in for the goal.  From Casio’s defense to Pothole and A1A streaking (with clothes on!!) down the field making plays, I really lost track of all the goals they scored.
  5. I hate this last one, but YHC only adds it as Double Fault will read it and he said it should be added in the Top 5.  In one of life’s all time match ups, Cheddar was not playing goalie (yeah, he was) when YHC was posting up got a pass in front of the goal.  Instead of looking to assess the situation, YHC just pulled the trigger and threw it right at Cheddar…..and it went right between his hands for a goal.  Sorry Cheddar.  Your welcome Double Fault.

While nothing really went right for Team 2, fun was had by most and no one got hurt.


Announcement – Cold Winters Day 5k 12/28 to support MS Society.

No Prayer Request