• When: 2018-02-10
  • QIC: Carville
  • The PAX:  Howler, Swampy, Beaker, Flux, See Saw, Reload, Mungo,

A Saturday tour of Speed Trap

Conditions: 53 and drizzly

The Thang:

1. Run to parking lot by eagles rest



22 LAC (11 forward, 11 reverse)

2. Run to awning on the way to CES

20 iron cross, 20 squat

15 iron cross, 15 squat

10 iron cross, 10 squat

3. Run to hill by CES

11s with 1 big boy at bottom, 10 merkins at top

2 big boy at bottom, 9 merkins at top, etc.

4. Run to concession stand by baseball field

1 minute on the wall, rest for 20 seconds

rinse and repeat a few times

5. Run to grassy knoll

Count off by 2s. Team 1 run to lower brick pile and grab a brick each round,

Team 2 grab a block from upper block pile. Do 15 flutters at pile, 15 merkins at grassy knoll.

Do three rounds. Then switch so the team that grabbed the bricks returns the blocks, and vice

versa. Do 30 crunches at pile, and 15 dry docks at grassy knoll.

6. To the Flag

7. Announcements

-Oyster Roast for Saluda Shoals Foundation – 2/25/18; Howler has raffle tickets $10, potential to win Green Eggs, weekend at Isle of Palms.

-sign up to Q

8. Prayers – pray for Stirrups

9. Devo – This semster there is a class on Buddhism across the hall from my office. I can’t help but overhear what they are talking about. One thing this is critical to Buddhism is the idea of living in the moment, aka “being present.” In our culture we tend to be very focused on the future, and we should be to some degree of course. But always thinking about the next thing prevents us from enjoying what is around us everyday – our kids, spouses, friends and this nature that has been created for us. Let’s all try to be more present and enjoy the moment.