• When: 2019-09-19
  • QIC: Cowbell
  • The PAX: Trauma, Long Haul, Forrest, Notebook, Debear, Quest, Pot Luck, Voltron, Cyclops, Bail Out, Zinka, Fish Wrap, 7-11, FNG Jackhammer

Suicide races

15 PAX were great to see this morning including one [email protected]

Weather was a VERY NICE 64 degrees.

We started with BOM and the pledge of elegance.

Run a lap around the parking lot



Windmills IC

20 Emperial walkers IC

Mosie to the block pile

Everone gets their own blocks and goes back to the parking lot. We split up into two groups.

Everone lines up and we have a suicide race between teams. One PAX from each team does suicides in the parking lot (to the first island and back, then the second island and back) while the rest of the pax does the following exercises:

-Curls for the girls

-Bent over rows

-Overhead press’

Slow mosie around the parking lot.

-Merkins while one pax lunges to the first island and back

-Final suicide race while the rest of the pax do bock swings

We rest after the first team wins to wait on the six. There wasn’t much rest since both teams ran their heart out.

Go back to the block pile to put them back. We then used the short wall by the blocks to do the following on our own.

10,10,10 calf raises (straight, heels in, heels out)

20 toe taps

15 block jumps

20 leg raises

That concluded  our 45 minutes.

Prayers for Trauma’s coworker who just passed away.