• When: 2017-10-14
  • QIC: Tinkle
  • The PAX: Recall,Argyle,MercyRule, PennyTax,Bing,SlumLord, Brick,Escobar,Tinkle

Ruckus Challenge accepted

YHC was contacted by the Hollow a month ago challenging me to “Bring the Ruckus”  and challenge the pax to one of the toughest workouts I could come up with. ICHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I haven’t Q’d over there so I needed a lay of the land. I scoped things out Thursday night and got there early Saturday morning to set the trap for the pain.

Weather: perfect conditions.


The Thang: Mosey to the block pile, grab one and head over to the band field and leave your block along the endzone


SSH x 10 IC    Done

The plan is to start and finish 3 circuits at 15 minute intervals. The goal is to push yourself to your limit yet still encourage your bros as you’re killin’ it.


CIRCUIT 1        11’S

Mosey over to the “end zone” of the band field and grab your block and line up. This had been YHC had 10 cones set up every 10 yards. Bearcrawl block drags every 10 yards and do said exercises. Once you’re done your exercise, Sprint back to endzone and back to your block. Drag your block to the 20 and so on and so forth.

Exercises: Start with Overhead Squats x 10, Overhead Lunges x 1(each leg) . A couple of us were almost able to finish in the allotted time. I then had us put the blocks down and had Escobar find us the shortest route to the tires on the practice field next to the track field. I then had to hear Argyle’s griping about me picking the fastest guy out there to get there. I knew he was fast and that was the goal.


CIRCUIT 2               4-Corner TIRES

I set 4 tires up in a large square and had exercise written on them along with what means that had to get to the next tire.

Tire 1 360 Tire merkins >BearCrawl

Tire 2 High Knee Thruster x 20 >Crab WAlk

Tire 3 Butt Touches x 20 >Alligator Crawl

Tire 4 Tire Jumps x 20 >Inch Worm Merkins

Most were able to get to 1.5 rounds in the allotted time. Time to make our way towards where it all started. .


CIRCUIT 3      6 Station Beatdown

YHC had 6 exercises written down. You had to perform an special exercise to get to the next station.

Station 1 Overhead Squats x 10

Broad Jump Burpees(BJB) x 5

Station 2 Thrusters x 10

BJB x 5

Station 3 Overhead Lunges x 15

BJB x 5

Station 4 Curls for the Girls x 15

BJB x 5

Station 5 Tricep Extensions x 20

BJB x 5

Station 6 Side Block Jumps x 20

Again, most men were able to get 1.5-2 rounds in the allotted time.

Put the blocks up and time for a little…


Flutterkicks x 15 IC

London Bridges x 15 IC

Amer. Hammers x 15 IC

Opposing Plank toe touches x 15 IC

TIME’s UP!!!

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag.


November 11 Lexington Half

Prayer Requests:

Recall’s Friend’s wife passed away.