• When: 11217
  • QIC: Rocking Chair
  • The PAX: Milton, Nature Boy, Hopper-R, Bulldog, House-R, Crack-R, Digger, Shake n Bake, Itchy-R, Rebar, Boo Boo, Toby, Jenner, Head and Shoulders, Rocking Chair-R.

Old Crypter Q’s at Graveyard

Today was the first day of the Crypt / Graveyard Q switcheroo, where Crypt Pax Q at Graveyard in November and Graveyard Pax return the “favor” in December.  Since YHC is the oldest still active (and creeping around) Crypt Pax, it was only natural to be the lead off hitter.  Hopefully the Graveyard Pax got their monies worth from our little workout.  Great Job Brothers, It was an honor to sweat with you all!

Here’s the thang:

1 minute warning, Intro, disclaimer, check for FNG’s. (Although we did not have any FNG’s we did welcome back several of the Pax who be been out a while.) BOM.

Circle up, rapid fire warm up SSH x 10 IC, TTT x 10 IC, Windmill x 10 IC. Follow me on a Merlot Mile (with burpees at every light pole).

We arrived at the outdoor gym for a 6 station workout.  Pax noticed 6 purple cards strategically placed about the area. They were divided into 6 groups and rotated to each station as Group 6 ( the timer group) finished their exercise.

Station 1:  Flutter Kicks

Station 2: Hand Release Merkins

Station 3: Rope Squats

Station 4: Pull Ups

Station 5: Burpees

Station 6 (The Timer) Big Tire flip out and back  After every group finished all 6 Station the Pax was instructed to flip the card to the orange side and perform the exercises:

Station 1:  Monkey Humpers

Station2: LBC’s

Station 3: Battle Ropes

Station 4: Hanging Knee raises

Station 5: MORE Burpees ( A REAL Crowd Pleaser)

Station 6: Tire flips out and back

Recover and form up for an Indian Run back to the Flag.  About 100 yards away YHC decided to line up the Pax and have a full out  Jail Break back to the Flag. ( My version of catch the old guy.)  Jenner and Rebar did finally catch up but… the old guy is not all that slow.  Jus’ Sayin’

Circle Up , count a rama, Name a rama, Announcements

Prayer requests: No Help, Shake and Bake, Spackle, and an Un-named Pax member.