• When: 2018-08-29
  • QIC: Cinco de Mayo
  • The PAX: Shank -- RESPECT, Stay Puff, Wilson, Puck, Happy Trees, and Belding

BRR Training, Bikes, and a solo Rucker

YHC arrived a few minutes after 4:20 to find the Rooster parking lot empty and with no XLers in sight. After contemplating for 10 minutes to XL ruck or nap in the car until the 1-minute warning the thought of hitting 30 miles in August informed my brain to move my body and complete the XL ruck. An out and back down Main Street got YHC going and the XL was mastered.

As YHC arrived back the Rooster was filled with cars as runners and bikes filled the shadow of the shovel flag.

1 minute warning.


Count and routes.

Runners took off down Main Street and headed for the Chicken Strip in search of crowns but Burger King is on the other Highway that runs parallel to the vaunted Chicken Strip .

The bikers took off west down College and took a right on North Lee Street to the Beluah area as Wilson and Shank broke speed barriers and possibly blinded oncoming traffic with Shank’s new light toys .

Being the solo rucker,  the YHC stayed around the park and ventured down Long Terrace — twice.

As time approached everyone started returning and Puck was anxious to see how his pace faired and if he overtook Wilson for the Chicken Strip crown. Unfortunately, Puck did not have his it his way as Wilson’s record pace remains in tact.

Count – a – rama

Name – a – Rama


BRR is coming so good luck to everyone.

The YHC would like to say that the 30 mile mark for the month was crossed during the morning ruck. Yes, it is all Rucking but just a few short weeks ago that would have been unheard of as the YHC had not found his way to many mornings in the gloom. Not only has 30 miles in a month has been passed but 100 for the year is the next obstacle to take down and with 4 months left that seems inevitable if the XLs continue to occur. A huge shout out to Matlock and many of the F3 Rooster brothers for the constant push — it means a lot to me and even better, more visits to the Smokehouse gloom are right around the calendar corner. Aye!