• When: 2018-06-07
  • QIC: Knozit
  • The PAX: McGriddle, Tool Time(R), CreamCheese, OverExposed, Hot-4-Teacher, BarCrawl, StinkBait, Blue Rhino, Rebound(R), Can't-Get-Right, BooBoo, Postal, Gigidy, Knozit

Detention has a “Field Day” with the traveling “Board of Pain”

Weather:  Hot and Humid, but clear conditions

YHC was very excited to finally Q at Detention.  14 Pax took on the challenge to get better.  Some of best F3 Names in all of F3.


The Thang:

Circle up at SF for an abbreviated COP.

SSH – 50x (C)

The workout YHC planned allowed for exactly 41 minutes so only wasted time moseying to slopped field on right side of school.

Line up along side street curb to explain the rest of our 41 minutes together.  Turned on light to illuminate “Board of Pain – Chuck Norris 45 minute edition”.  WO consists of 10 exercises with high reps.  After each exercise is complete, each Pax runs rectangle shaped course… always facing forward.  (So Pax run 10 yards straight… shuffle left to corner cone… run straight to next cone… shuffle right to far corner cone… run backwards to corner cone… shuffle left back to center… then run backwards to start… and begin next exercise.

Board of Pain Exercises:  (Running rectangle course between each exercise)

  1. Burpees 50x
  2. Calf Raises 150x (50x reg, 50x toes inside, 50x toes outside)
  3. Merkins 50x
  4. American Hammer 200x  (100 each side)
  5. Deep Squats  100x
  6. Carolina Dry Docks 50x
  7. Hello Dolly 100x
  8. Smurf Jacks 100x  (YHC’s favorite)
  9. Hydrolics  50x  (each arm)
  10. Burpees 50x

Return to SF

Count with Nam-o-rama


F3 Lex Cook Out (Shawshank/Detention) June 23rd 4p at Vinter’s Wood pool.

Ryan Rawls Event July 4th – State Capital

Prayer Requests:  Wayne Taylor & son Jack Taylor family – died in car wreck and funeral is Thursday.

Injured Pax

Closing Prayer