• When: 2018-01-19
  • QIC: Olive Oil
  • The PAX: Booster, Pepto, Pinot, Rebar, Floppy Disk, Phone Booth, Black Lung, Watergate, Pothole, Lumbergh, Pebbles, Scarlet, Steeltoe, Phantom, Blades, Booger, Double Fault, Chedder, and Sweet Tart

Who froze the frisbee?

Weather – Clear and 23 degrees.  With no wind, it actually was somewhat bearable…somewhat.

This Friday brings us back to Riverland Hills where we get lights and cops.  At least the cops did not watch for too long (if they did at all), but an ambulance did swing by…or at least slowed down to see the action of a not the greatest game of Froccer ever played.

  1.  It was great to see Scarlet back out in the gloom this am.  Since his move to Texas (or somewhere out that way), only old stories about him giving himself up to catch the frisbee.  Even in the cold, he still sacrificed for his team.  YHC is still curious how it felt hitting the hard as a brick ground in shorts.  He is young, he will grow out of it….but great to see you brother.
  2. The game itself was not the greatest.  Teams were even until Pepto left, but the score was not.  It got closer after he left, but not enough to change the outcome.  With 20 PAX, YHC is impressed with all the ballet type moves to avoid each other.  Turns out it also helped to not catch the frisbee.
  3. TCLAPS for the 5 that got in some extra work pre-Clash in the form of running and rucking.  Ended up being a great warm up for Froccer.  YHC ended up having over 5 miles in for the day at 6 am….and I am sure the others probably had more.  Good work!

Next week is back at River Bluff for futbol!  And hopefully not sub freezing temps.  Come on Mother Nature!  But we will be missing days like this come July…..

Prayer Request

Scarlet -Hamby family with death of daughter

Booster – Brother and his wife going to pregnancy related issues