• When: 2018-03-20
  • QIC: Bellhop
  • The PAX: Smithers, Spano, Tuber, Skunky, Knot, Lapdog, Uncle Rico, Webber Bellhop

F3 GOAT – Pre Palmetto 200 Edition: Tuesday, March 20

9 pax got together and stayed together at GOAT this morning.  It had been raining most of the night; luckily, the rains abated prior to our 0530 start time.  Accordingly, the only wet we were dodging were the puddles on the ground.  Because the P200 is in 3 days, today’s workout was designed to be more or less run-less and therefore #taper friendly.


Mid 60’s; cloudy; very wet on the ground.



SSH (20x)

Imperial Walkers (20x)

Overhead Armclaps (20x)

The Thang

3 sets of exercises, escalating by 10s.  Moving from light pole to light pole (from the pull up bars to the end of the parking lot) and staying together.

Set 1 (with the blocks)

Lats (10x)

Curls (20x)

Benches (30x)

Rows (40x)

Overheads (50x) (note: This looked good on paper; not so much in real life, especially during round 2).

Run/walk back to start.

Set 2 (without blocks)

Burpees (10x)

Mountain Climbers (20x)

Merkins (30x)

LBCs (40x)

Flutters (50x)

Run/walk back to start

Set 3 (without blocks)

Burpees (10x)

Squats (20x)

Big Boys (30x)

Monkey Humpers (40x)

SSHs (50x)

Run/walk back to start

Rinse and repeat Set 1

Run/walk back to start

Rinse and repeat Set 2

Run/walk back to start

Rinse and repeat Set 3 (limited to Burpees and Mountain Climbers).  Recover

Put blocks up; mosey back to shovel flag.


-P200 this weekend.

-Special Donut Run tomorrow in Irmo.  Light miles.


CSAUPs are fun.  There’s a lot of fellowship, as well as personal effort/accomplishment involved in them.  However, the cohesion that is found at boot camps cannot be duplicated.  That cohesion is created in large part by the #proximity of one to another.  Article after article has been published in recent times about the loneliness Americans feel these days, particularly among middle aged men.  We combat that loneliness (and all the accompanying feelings) by showing up to boot camp and being near one another in close proximity.  The troubles you have, the worries you possess, and the stresses that dominate your day evaporate for those 45 minutes when we are together.  As we complete our journey with the P200 this weekend, let’s individually and collectively resolve to really focus on boot camps these next several months and remember what initially brought us into the Gloom.