• When: 2018-03-05
  • QIC: Turncoat
  • The PAX: Turnpike, Kamikaze (Respect), Special K (Respect), Lambchop, Wham!, Turncoat

Turncoat’s Wave of Worlds Worst Merkins

6 brave PAX arrived at The Castle on a chilly 33 degree a.m.

Opened with the Disclaimer then onto exercises

Warm up

  • Side straddle hop (20 in cadence)
  • Through the tunnel (10 in cadence)
  • Calf stretch (OYO)
  • Little baby arm circles (10 in cadence front and reverse)
  • Windmills (20/10 per leg) (in cadence)
  • Jog around the parking lot
  1. Wave of world’s worst merkins to 2
  2. Colt 45 with block (oyo)
  3. Lion king with block (10 oyo)
  4. Down to tennis court
  5. Dips at the picnic tables on the way (15 oyo)
  6. Turncoat’s Rectangle (inspired by Jacob’s ladder)
    • Sprint the length of the tennis court
    • Bobby Hurley across the baseline to the left
    • Bernie Sanders the length back
    • Bobby Hurley across the baseline till back at the spot we started
    • Then do an exercise (alternating between burpees and iron crosses0
    • Rinse, repeat. 7 times in total alternating between burpees and iron crosses
      1. 4 burpees
      2. 5 iron crosses
      3. 6 burpees
      4. 7 iron crosses
      5. 8 burpees
      6. 9 iron crosses
      7. 10 burpees
  7. Dips at the picnic table on the way back to he AO (15 oyo)
  8. Abs at the AO – Floyd Mayweathers with bricks (20 in cadence)
  9. LBCs (20 oyo)
  10. Van Ghodas (20 oyo)
  11. The final insult – Modified Indian run carrying bricks with the PAX weaving through the group from back to front holding bricks (black eye hazard). Note: this was .8 miles according to my car but my ability to read an odometer was once again questioned.
  12. Back to the AO to put away blocks and bricks

COT: Counterama; Name-O-Rama, Announcements – March 31st Mission Convergence. Prayer. Done.