• When: 2017-12-04
  • QIC: Wham!
  • The PAX: Turnpike, Katniss, Special K (#Respect), Bubbles, Turncoat, McLovin (The Godfather), Freebird, Wham!

Gorilla Burpees and a Supermoon at #TheCastle

8 PAX showed up this fine Monday morning to put in some good work and moon gaze.

Disclaimer, #Thewarmup

20 TTT

20 calf raises

20 LBAC forwards

20 LBAC backwards

20 Raise the roof


20 SSH w/ a burpee on every 5 count

Run to the guard shack and back


Gather near the dumpster at the end of the parking lot each PAX did a standing broad jump followed up with a burpee. We continued this until we reached the end of the parking lot.

Next up was The Bearmuda triangle.  Bear crawl from the bottom of the upper parking lot to the top and do 15 merkins.  Lunge walk back down to the end of the parking lot and do 15 merkins.  Crab walk back to home base and do 15 merkins.

Rinse and repeat but we substituted Chaser LBC’s for merkins.

Next up 20 curls for the girls. Run ¼ of the way up the big hill and do 1 burpee.  Run to the next cul de sac and do 15 merkins, run to the next cul de sac and do 15 Carolina dry docks. Run to guard gate and do 15 iron crosses, next cul de sac 15 LBC’s, next cul de sac 15 big boy sit ups.

Back to the four way where we did 20 over head presses with blocks. Ran up the hill and did 2 burpees. Back down to the first cul de sac for 15 more merkins.  We then Tim Tebow lunged across the street.  Ran back to home base.

Next up was the Gorilla Burpee with blocks.  Increased the number of burpees by 1 for each step.  We stopped at 5.


Announcements: F3 Columbia Christmas Party Thursday, December 14 – bring appetizer or dessert

Good work was done by all. The #supermoon was phenomenal.