• When: 2017-09-29
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Chedda, Head & Shoulders, Ken Doll, Weekend Special, Nightmare, Forrest, Netflix, The Nature Boy, Fast Casual, Pearl, Teacher's Pet, Thumbs Up (R), Tumbler, BarCrawl, Good Hands, Hopper (R), Brick, Short Haul, Long Haul, Genie, Half Sack, Utah (R), Joe Pa, Shades of Grey, Steamer, Whisper, PYT, Ponzi, CowBell, Voltron, Kukoc, House (R), Quisenberry, Ranger (R), Overnight, Say What, Chips, Tailpipe, Escobar, Big Worm, Tardy, Milli Vanilli, GreaseTrap, Meatball, Floppy Disk, Cueso, Bulldog

3rd Reaper Anniversary

Conditions:  finally a cool morning for the Reaper below 70 degrees

The Thang: We combined all three version of the Reaper into a 1-Hour workout.  Start at the bottom of Reaper Hill, run to the top and complete 21 Deep Squats, run to the top of Spooky Trail and complete 21 Merkins or 21 Block shoulder presses, run back to the top of Reaper Hill for 21 Deep Squats, run to the bottom of Reaper Hill for 21 LBCs, then run to the Football stadium goaline for 21 Flutter Kicks, run to the opposite goaline for 21 Flutter Kicks, run around bleachers and up stairs for 21 deep squats, then run up right pressbox stairwell and complete 21 Hand release merkins at the top of the pressbox, then run down the left pressbox stairwell and complete 21 Deep Squats, then run back to the bottom of Reaper Hill and complete 1 burpee.  Then, do it all over again.  You will keep track of your rotations by increasing your burpee count at the bottom of Reaper Hill.  Don’t worry, there were construction cones at each exercise location letting the Pax know what to do.

All in all, a real snotwaggler of a workout.  Can’t express my appreciation for so many showing up this morning.  We truly missed some regulars like Spackle and Fracture and No Help…but understand they are healing up or training for much more important things.

The Reaper was the very first specialty workout for F3 LexSC.  It was developed by PYT, No Help, Bulldog, Ranger, and Napalm.  Five dudes putting their two cents in the mix to come up with a simple, yet absurdly effective workout for every Friday morning.  We’ve been lucky to enough to find so many great PAX carry-on the Reaper tradition by developing their very own AO specialty workout.  The Viper (oh those stairs), The Slammer (bearcrawling across a bridge to start), The Tomcat (more stairs), and the Kamikazee (bearcrawling up a grassy knoll).  And let’s not forget Detention’s fun that they breakout every now and then.   Do you see a theme here…increased verticality in your workout amps up the cardio.  Great stuff.  Can’t wait to see what all the newer AOs develop for their specialty workout.

Again, thank you to all the Reaper regulars (too many to name) and Wander and Stomp for religiously joining up on Friday mornings to conquer whatever version of The Reaper is laid before them.  You guys are the best for keeping a Friday morning tradition going strong.

Great work by all this morning!