• When: 2017-09-12
  • QIC: Carpool
  • The PAX: Rudy, Reload, Slag, See-Saw, Hall Pass (Respect), Mungo, Howler, Squirrel, Carpool.

Manitard Block Party

9 pax showed up after a tough day of weather to welcome back their one-garment friend.  I must admit that after the BRR I was kicking myself for choosing this day to Q, but I think it actually helped heal my mangled legs.

Disclaimer and then we were off:


Calf Raises with Big Arm Circles X 10 IC

Windmill X 15 IC

15 Merkins OYO

Slow Squat X 10 IC

5 Burpess OYO

Imperial Walkers X 15 IC


Off we went to the blocks and cheese grater.

Traverse distance of CG and 40 curls, run back with block for 40 Russian Twists with block, back to the other end for 40 bench presses or overhead press and back with block for 40 flies planked on block.

30,30,30,30……20,20 down to 10 of each.

We returned our blocks and had an entertaining mosey back towards home with some advancing with SSH, IW, Kick the Boot, and Karaoke.

At the benches fronting CCP we did 11’s with declines/inclines.  Time ran nigh, and we headed back to the flag for approximately 2 minutes of Rudy’s Boat CANOOOO.  Time.


VQ for Beaker Saturday at ST so be there.

Sat: 23rd: ST at Mission and Fia 5k at Spring Hill

Rudy stepped up and took Q for Thursday.

Prayer Request:

Pray for those impacted by Irma.


I had time to reflect on my time during the BRR the last few days and how it compares to life experiences.  No matter how hard you train in Chapin for the BRR, there will be challenges on the BRR that don’t compare; its just the way it is.  This is similar to life challenges in that we will all go through struggles (hills) that take us by surprise.  You must keep plugging away even when it hurts.  There may be times in life when you are cruising along while your brother is battling a big hill.  This will inevitably reverse and it is important to be there for each other no matter what terrain you are in at the moment.  I certainly appreciated having a great group of guys waiting for me and encouraging me in the race this weekend; and I have certainly appreciated the total support of the whole group during this challenging year.  You never know what kind of hill the guy next to you is facing when you leave here after a workout.  Never underestimate the importance of authentic friendship and support.   Carpool.