• When: 2017-11-29
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Taurasi, ChopShop, Gaston, Detour, Kitty & F'head

#Scramble High

Last time YHC Q’d #Scramble was likely the last time I attended #Scramble… which is embarrassing but I’ve had an excuse… sort of.  With the completion of the Chattanooga GrowRuck prior to Thanksgiving, ruck training is now in the past (sort of) and we can all start eyeing the spring races.  So it was, with personal #Kotters, that the Q fell to me after too long under weight.

Conditions:  49 Degrees and really nice for a jog.


From Trenholm Plaza, exiting at 5:35 as is the custom on Wednesdays, the good men of #Scramble weaved onto Trenholm and off again onto Converse.  Over hill and dale to a right turn on East Buchannan until it crosses Beltline and becomes West Buchannan and then across Trenholm onto Heatherwood.  Climbing up Heatherwood to Devereaux we all took a left and then another left onto Kilbourne for the easy slide back down.  Left turn on Sanford and a right onto Kathwood and the route is wrapping up.  Left on Woodlake and a right turn back onto Trenholm and the crew knocked out just a shade under five miles for a nice Wednesday mosey.



  • The annual F3Columbia Christmas Party is coming up December 14th.  Check out the Details in the PreBlast.
  • Our tri-regional collective is hosting GrowRuck 008 the weekend of January 26th.  Having so recently completed one I can honestly say it was a significant moment and weekend in my F3 career.  All 3F’s in good supply.  You should all be interested so check out the PreBlast.
  • And to get you ready for the GrowRuck, the annual Cottonmouth event is coming up fast.  December 9th, an all day affair, will get your mind right (#GYMR) for the holidays.  That PreBlast is also up on the F3Midlands site.
  • And, last but not least, the #Scramble team is still looking for healthy men to round out the #F3P200 team.  Right now it’s an ultra team but 9 would be more palatable to the crew.  Speak to Gaston and get off the fence.