Lexington – The Hollow

Kenwood’s #54

(sorry, short since WordPress deleted everything right at the end.  I hate WordPress!) YHC’s 54th birthday is this Saturday and today was my birthday Q.  Here’s what we did… Mosey to the tennis courts.  Warmup with 6 sets of 9 reps.  Mosey to the planter box.  Went up and down “ladder 54″… Reps Exercise 54 …

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10-4 Good Buddy

With today being October 4th (aka, 10-4) we kinda dedicated the workout to Dangle and Ponch and any other law enforcement pax out there.  Thanks for all you do. YHC pulled a favorite weinke out the recycle bin that typically gets the job done.  Today was no different. Weather: nice and cool 1 minute warning, …

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2020’s Inspector’s Gadget meets The Hollow (again)

YHC decided to reach into the IronPax playbook for today’s Q.  Inspector’s Gadget was chosen and was modified to allow for time and other allowances.  1 for StrideLite – the other 6 wheeled in shortly before tee time. Weather: nice and cool 1 minute warning, intro, no FNGs, disclaimer, prayer Take a step back to …

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EMOM “Fun”

It was great to be back at The Hollow this morning!  YHC has been away for the last couple of months attempting to prepare for the BRR.  Good group this morning with a couple new guys.  Happy to see new faces!  A healthy Region always has new faces and thankfully F3LexSC is still doing a …

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