F3 Columbia – Score


Standard Score Core

AO: Score Q: Ripcord PAX: Lumen, Nails, OBC, Ripcord, Trademark FNGs: None COUNT: 5 Standard Score Warmup, to the pile for toys. 2 upper, 2 Leg, 2 Core – the fence and back. LatherRinseRepeat. .. Work was done to stay warm.

BunkBed comes for the Double Down

AO: Scorepile FNGs: None COUNT: 9 THE THANG: Dealer’s Choice all and every Saturday Rotation was Nails ->Schweddy->BunkBed->Stent->Ripcord->Trademark->Crawl Space->Ball Boy repeat Nails: SSH, Arm Circles Schweddy: Squats BunkBed: Hip Openers, Ray Charles, Merkins Stent: Abs Ripcord: grab various blocks, curls, overhead press and tricep extension Trademark: Ukrainian Freedom twist Crawl Space: Progression. 4 BBS and …

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Score Climbs The Mountains and Sings The Songs They Like to Sing

7 Scorians came out to climb the mountains & sing the songs they like to sing. Conditions: 40 degrees The Thang: Warmup at Dreher Parking lot20 SSH in cadence20 Thru the Tunnel in cadence20 Lil Baby Arm Circles (10 forward, 10 reverse) in cadenceBend over toe touch stretchSeated toe touch stretch20 Overhead claps in cadence …

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Score Scores again

Credit for the title goes to my man Nails.  8 men came out this morning and worked to get better.  The workout was originally intended to be Rovet friendly, as he is recovering from surgery, but when he did not show up, we carried on without him.  The theme was football, since the parking lot …

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Jenny’s Corner

8 Pax showed up for a whole body workout Warmup – SSH, Imperial Walkers, shoulder stretches, Little Baby Arm Circles, overhead clap, 3 count squat, Hamstring and lower back stretch, happy baby. Workout – mosey to Jenny’s Corner and grab two bricks each.  4 count exercises 20 Overhead Press, 20 curls for the girls, 20 tricep …

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Dr Tabata visits SCORE

Beautiful Fall morning in Columbia- only 75 degrees and 90% humidity! 9 pax gathered in the gloom to take on the High Intensity Interval Training developed by Dr. Tabata. These workouts consist of a 4 minute sequence of 1 exercise, performed for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest, repeated 8 times for the 4 …

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Is it fall yet?

What a morning to be out in the gloom.  The forecast looked good, and it was right – even a slight breeze.  Eight strong came out and worked hard.  Even had a second appearance in a row by Mission – time to buy a lottery ticket. Condition: 63 degrees The Thang: Mosey to the comfortable …

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Happy Birthday to Q

4 pax ventured into the hot, muggy morning at Crayton Middle School, weekday home of Swamp Fox for a YHC Birthday party and YHC brought presents for everybody.  Based on the mumblechatter, the pax really enjoyed their presents Conditions: a cool 75 degrees with max humidity. The Thang: 3 sets, each set was 15 reps …

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The Doctor is In

7 pax beat the Fartsack and posted on a cloudy 40 degree morning for a SCORE beatdown at the Mothership. After a short mosey to the Betty, the pax was joined by Dr Izumi Tabata. (google it). 4 minutes per exercise-20 seconds work-10 seconds rest. Pax completed: SSH Squats Mosey to corner Imperial walkers Plank …

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Score can count to 300

It was cold, foggy and misty, but otherwise, a great morning to be out in the gloom with our Score brethren.  Good to have Cheesy joining us as he is coming off the DL.  Also, good to have Lumen back for another workout.  Solid work by all. Condition: 44 degrees and foggy The Thang: Circle …

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A Whole Lot of PAX

For the first time in several weeks, we were blessed with perfect weather. And with perfect weather, out came all the PAX. The Thang: SSH IC x25 Stretch LBAC IC x20 (forward) LBAC IC x20 (backwards) RTR IC x25 Stretch LBC IC x20 15 merkins OYO Alt. Heel Touches IC x20 15 merkins OYO LBC …

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SCORE 15 & Fresh

Conditions – 44F and clear Disclaimer – I ain’t nobody’s expert The Thang  Mosey to the cage and circle for warm-up SSH x 15 (IC) Merkins x 15 (OYO) Squats x 15 (IC) *Batwings x 15 (IC) of each; LBAC front/back, OHC and raise the roof Each PAX grab a block and two bricks and mosey to …

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