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These hills were Kalmia-ing me

AO: Amble FNGs: 1 Vespa COUNT: 15 THE THANG: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Columbia 10 Yr Anniversary 10-08-22 T-shirt designs are due this week! COT: Pray for George (did 20 merkins for him), Mud Dawg’s dad, Tubesocks as he goes to aid the people of Eastern Kentucky.

Cool and Lovely

The conditions this morning were just like YHC, cool and lovely.  8 PAX showed up in the mist for a standing tradition at Amble – the Blossom St out-and-back. Simply run out for 20 to 22 minutes, turn around and come back. It allows all the PAX to get whatever speed and/or distance they want …

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Thanksgiving Week Zipper

13 started out for The Famous Zipper tour back and forth on the streets of Heathwood on a beautiful fall (57 degree) morning and 15 finished. Great start to a week of celebration of our abundance. Kotters to Pretty Boy and Cheddar both returning from injuries.

F3 Columbia Homecoming Tailgate

The Details Date: Saturday, 10/27/18 Time: 2:30pm – 7:30pm What to Bring:  Something, preferably finger foods or dessert (I also really enjoy pigs in a blanket, wink wink).  This event is also BYOB.  McLovin and Bubbles has graciously allowed us to use their spot for tailgate and we can’t be drinkin all their beer. #therewillbechicken Who:  Everyone, M’s and 2.0’s, …

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Amble – 10/22

Conditions: 40 degrees, cloudless, cold enough to make the run hurt and feel great simultaneously. The Thang: 10 pax circled up to hear YHC’s ode to a throwback route with a slight modification.  Ever since YHC has been posting at Amble (one of the original #F3Columbia running AOs), he has been hearing about the cherished …

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Ambling on Monday

Fresh off of several days in the #Fartsack during a spring break trip with the M and 2.0s, YHC emerged from the #Fartsack excited to lead the PAX of #Amble this AM. Accepting the offer of the AOQ to lead this band of #HIMs, YHC made the call to take the PAX on a mini …

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Amble Sprints

8 PAX posted this early Monday morning to put the final touches on P200 training or just preparing for the upcoming challenges they will face.  YHC was glad to have this time with these guys because some in attendance are participating on our over 40 P200 team!  Proud of their commitment.  Here’s the THANG! Conditions:  …

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First Run of Finter

6 thick-skinned #AMBLE PAX decided to #DoTheHarderThing, challenge the chill and pursue excellence in all things by posting on the first really cold day of “finter”, you know when fall and winter merge.  YHC didn’t think it was too bad until Cheddar, a Wisconsin native, started in on how cold he was.  Suddenly it felt …

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#The Zipper returns

Conditions: 73 and warmish The Thang: When YHC is the Amble Q chances are pretty good The Zipper will be the route. #The Zipper is a good, fairly flat and flexible route. It never gets too far away from the AO but can be modified for a run distance of anywhere from 1 mile to …

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A change of “PACE”

YHC never had the opportunity to Q an AMBLE workout until today and this was a chance to see how we could test this group.  Not an easy task.  10 PAX posted to take the Monday morning challenge.  Here’s the THANG! Conditions:  70 and HUMID!!!!! Mosey away from Brickpile toward Adger and turn left. Warming …

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Amble turns 4

Just a mere 4 years ago a small group of pax came together to form a running group and named it Amble.  Over the years and after a few location changes Amble has been a consistent running group for the men of F3 Columbia.  Even though there have been running groups branch off, Amble is …

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Table Rock Ultra 50k Preblast – The toughest hoodie you will ever earn

If you want to skip all of this and go straight to the important stuff, scroll down to Registration Details. The Backstory A little over a year ago I was enjoying post Dawnstrike coffeeteria in Starbucks when PaperBoy started talking about an event called the Table Rock Ultra 50K, which is a 32 mile ultra …

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Betaless Out-N-Back

With Love Bug on the Q, the pax were eagerly awaiting his announcement of the route for the morning. He pulled it out of his back pocket and we went from there. Conditions: Mid-50s, a little breezy. The Thang: Millwood to Maple to Lee to Greene Out-N-Back COT/BOM