Columbia – Stumble

So Much Not Fun

Conditions: Soupy Tha Thang: 8 pax descended upon Starbucks to embark upon a promised exciting and wonderful and fun journey………… …I lied. ….It wasn’t fun. Nor exciting. Nor wonderful at all. But we got better anyway. GF – Hampton Hill- Kilbourne – Shady Lane – Quail Lane – Trenholm – Beltline – Devine – Endex …

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Running with Stumble at Martha

Disclaimer.  Started at 5:15.  Mosey over to Martha for some spill work.  Did 10 Hill sprints with 25 LBC’s at the bottom of the hill on each trip to the bottom.  Mosey back to AO for COT and BOM.

Splish Splash

10 pax (but mostly Pondo) found all the puddles on the #Eastside on a 3.7 mile pre-coffee route. Conditions: Sloppy; upper 40s and a light sprinkle The Thang: Pelham > Garners Ferry > Old Veterans > Veterans > Planters > (unknown alley between Planters and Knollwood) > Knollwood > Rockwood > Galway > Merrill > …

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Spill Work

11 Pax posted for some spill work after Baby Ruth complained about the circus being too tight, but then he didn’t post.  Conditions were great. We started with an Indian Run to Martha and did hill repeats with merkins and LBC’s at the bottom until it was time to Indian Run back to AO.   …

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F3 Columbia Homecoming Tailgate

The Details Date: Saturday, 10/27/18 Time: 2:30pm – 7:30pm What to Bring:  Something, preferably finger foods or dessert (I also really enjoy pigs in a blanket, wink wink).  This event is also BYOB.  McLovin and Bubbles has graciously allowed us to use their spot for tailgate and we can’t be drinkin all their beer. #therewillbechicken Who:  Everyone, M’s and 2.0’s, …

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Pre-Blast: Crazy Train at Stumble

Stumble is humbled (see what I did there) to host a portion of the F3 Columbia Crazy Train for a 10K. If you don’t know about the Crazy Train – read this first: Date: Wednesday 6/27 Time: 05:30 AM (Following the Armory at Stumble AO for just this week) Location: Woodland Park (parking lot …

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Stumble 5/16/2018

Conditions: Muggy Tha Thang: Mosey to Queens Way out to Old Woodlands down to Saye Cut to Galloway to Christie to Byron left on Shelly to Coachmaker left on Rockwood right on Knollwood right on Veterans right on Britton to Burnside back to veterans then right to wormwood to Galloway to Old knight BOM

The Tunnel Of Love

Conditions: Warm 8 pax weren’t scared off by the prospect of a trip through…DUH DUH DUH!!!…the Tunnels. Personally, I’ve always found Leesburg more concerning in the gloom, but regardless, we all survived. Alas, YHC created the route without Strava, and thus I overestimated the distance slightly, so most completed somewhere from 3.8-4.2 miles, with some …

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Track Ladder

10 Pax posted with an under-the-weather YHC for a track workout at Owens Field to #GetBetter and #GetFaster.  It was dark and cold, but we warmed up fast. Disclaimer by YHC. The Thang: 2 lap mosey to warm up followed by IW’s x 20, Alt. Lunges x 20 and Squat Jumps x 10 OYO.  Proceed …

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Strava Art by Stumble

  15 Stumblers took on a massive amount of turns as they successfully released the genie from the toilet this a.m. Conditions: 45 Degrees (but felt more like 35) The Thang:   Announcements GrowRuck festivities this Saturday: Convergence Boot Camp 7:00 a.m. Dreher High School, Grow School Breakfast $10 (following the boot camp?), expected to …

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Surprise #Spillwork

6 #StumbleProof pax rejected the holiday #Fartsack and earned their coffee after 4.7 miles on the mean hills of East Columbia. Conditions: Mid-20s, brisk, clear The Thang: Olde Knight > Chambly > Queens Way > Old Woodlands > Garners Ferry > Pelham Indian run uphill past #UncleBob through the Woodhill parking lot to the top …

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All righty again

YHC didn’t get too creative with the route but it did the trick and met the criteria for a Friday stumble.  Flat, 5k with a quick wrap up leaving extra time for coffee.   The route was simply all right turns  out of the AO.  Right on Galway, Saye Cut, old woodlands to garners ferry …

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Stone Cold Speed

Mondays are Speed Days at #Stumble.  We Like To Go Fast.  11 men posted to get better.  Some MAF’ers joined us for a while and some did their own thing. Conditions: COLD Disclaimer and Warm Up- Mosey around the Circus Maximus x 2 and stretch. Side Shuffle for 1/2 lap, switching leading leg at 1/4 …

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Whole food fly by

Conditions: about 52 degrees, breezy The Thang Proceed onto Olde Knight Parkway Right onto Old Woodlands Left onto Garners Ferry Road Right onto Hampton Hill Left on Kilbourne Road Right onto Fort Jackson Boulevard Left onto Kilbourne Road Left onto Rickenbaker Road Left on Crowson Road Left onto Devine Street Right onto Rosewood Drive Left …

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The Serena Loop

YHC is fresh off the Ragnar Trail Race with many other PAX. Grand time was had by all. Serena in particular had so much fun on the easy Green Trail, that he decided to run an extra 2 miles. These miles were completely pointless and unnecessary, but Serena ran them anyway. Call it getting lost, stubborn, confused, …

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Stumble for 09.20.17

The Route (5.2 miles): WNW from AO on Old Knight to Old Woodlands Right on Old Woodlands Left on Indian Mound, up Martha Right on Old Woodlands Right on Hampton Trace Left on Dean Hall Right on Chimney Hill, turn around at the end All the way back up Chimney Hill to Hampton Trace Left …

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