On the fly-Woodshed

YHC had the honor of leading the group two days in a row.   First at Ironyard where we were greeted with some unfamiliar faces.  Two Pax from Birmingham (Scam and Bam Bam) were in town for work (or the Beyoncé show)and brought an FNG Lunch Lady along with a long timer Bat Boy who …

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Visit to The Mission

@F3Woodshed, @F3IronYard, @F3Stumble & @F3LegionLegit visited @F3TheMission today. We tried to bring a little bit of the AOs from the Meadowfield area, i.e. boot camp, kettle bells, and running. Warm up by Silver Bullet: Side Straddle Hop (20) Arm circles forward (10) Squats (10) Arm circles backward (10) Butt Kicks (10) High Knees (10) Break …

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OBJECTIVE: Work the hips, glutes, and core needed for runners. Introduce some new exercises, and keep the running down to be more appropriate of all fitness levels (it can be a runner work out without a lot of running). Glute work for better Insta-Selfies SLOW MOSEY 2.5X AROUND MEADOWFIELD DRIVEWAY, FINISH AT “TOP” WARMUP WINDMILL …

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