Columbia – Blue Falcon

Beta Blockers

A brisk morning met the PAX this AM which was a delightful change from the Summer heat. The small, motley crew came prepared to do some hard things so YHC obliged with the following: Ruck mosey to the back by the brickpile cage. Rucks off for some warm up: 15 SSH IC 10 Through the …

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A Very Modified Murph

-The Thang Ruck the block around the #Brickpile, ending at pull-up bars 25 pull-ups, 25 mercans, 25 squats OYO w/ rucks on Ruck the block around #Brickpile, ending at treeline near shovelflag 25 mercans, 25 squats, 25 OHP w/ ruck -Circle up w/ Amble for count-o-rama and name-o-rama -Welcome FNG – Quickcrete to Amble  

A Devine Ruckabout

3 Pax posted at #BlueFalcon.  Nothing fancy today, just a good paced ruckabout while 2 Pax passed back and forth a sandbag for some extra #goodlivin. Miles and smiles. Conditions: 56 Degrees & Clear The Thang: Leave the AO headed across Millwood through the Dunkin Donuts parking lot Right on Devine to just before Five Points Fountain Turn …

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Solo Ruckabout

1 Pax posted at #BlueFalcon.  Posting the route from this morning in case any Pax wants to put in work before HDHH. Great weather and good to see many Pax out running this morning with #Amble and #Ramble. Conditions: 61 Degrees & Ideal The Thang: Leave the AO towards Millwood Right on Millwood to Amherst Left on Amherst to …

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A Little PT & Quick-transition Weighted Ruckin’

5 Pax posted at #BlueFalcon looking for some #goodlivin.  YHC had no problem putting together a little somethin somethin at the last minute to accommodate. #workwasdone Conditions: 28 Degrees and cold The Thang: Merkin 10 UD Squats 20 x IC Merkin 10 UD Squats 20 x IC Bear Crawl across the parking lot Lunge Walk back Overhead Press 10 x …

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Railroad Track = Good Livin’

4 Pax post at #BlueFalcon this morning in the #gloom.  It was a great morning for some #goodlivin.  In putting together YHC’s weinke, a mental inventory was pulled together of all the supplies at #Brickpile.  What haven’t we been tortured #gottenbetter with?  Sandbags? Check. Water logged telephone pole? Check. Rucks in odd carrying positions? Check.  Railroad track? …

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