• When: 2018-06-05
  • QIC: Jar Jar
  • The PAX: Bubbles, Geno, Franklin, Studebaker, Stewy, Billboard, Jar Jar, Mudslide, Varsity, Onecall, Lombardi, Bling

Soda City Goes South (or East, or whatever that compass direction is)

Conditions: Sticky but perfect

Introduction of Guest Q, YHC, courtesy of Legion/Stumble in F3 Columbia.


Assignment of jobs: Point, Sweeper, MumbleChatterer, Timer

Tha Thang: (disclaimer part deux: No Wienke, so counts and exercises likely off significantly)

Mosey to field and circle up. SSH, LBACs, OHCs, Imperial Squat Walkers, American Hammers, BBSU. Mosey to playground.

Partner up for Dora. Total pullup count 100 per team. Partner not pulling holds low Merkin position (first, but not last, expression of “who invited this guy?”). Mosey to picnic area.

Bulgarian split squats each leg.

Fall/explode broad jumps. Mosey to Mount Myrtle, 2 attempts to get there right.

Backwards bear crawl uphill. Mosey to track. American Hammers. Plankwork.

Balls of Fire: P1 sprints to far side, does 15 deep squats and 15 merkins, runs back, flip flop. P2 does Iron Cross/Heels to Heaven.

Merkins. On your six.

Flutters x eternity. Hello Dolly. More flutters. Boxcutters. No break. #grumblechatter

Indian Run around track. Carolina Drydocks.

Line up on sideline for arkloader across field. Bear crawl, single leg bear crawls, inchworm, lungewalk.

Jumptucks. Plankwork.



Convergence Saturday for 3rd Anniversary of F3 Grand Strand. Q is Papa Smurf who is 70 years old

Biking AO starts 0515.

Prayer requests: 19th wedding anniversary, somebodys birthday, somebodys birthday. Socahatchee launch next week.

Devo: Not done. Serious Cobains, my bad.
Patching for Guest Q, including recitation of F3 mission statement, naming of AOs, and 5 values of each workout. Help needed, and provided. 34 burpees in memory of Dipstick.

Thank you for having me brothers. Love this AO, love what you guys are doing, in all fields of awesomeness.