• When: 2018-08-09
  • QIC: Moist™️
  • The PAX: Sprinkle, Dance Mom, Navy Bean(R), Man Bun, Puck, Moist™️

Are we all Moist™️ there yet?!

After a little Ruck Lit at a 14 minute pace YHC was geared up and ready for the real work to get started. This group brought their A game, and we’re hungry for some serious betterment…. YHC hopes he delivered. It went a little something like this:

Weather– 76 and yep.. You guest it.. Moist.

**T-Claps to Navy Bean, Puck, Sprinkle, and Irrev for joining YHC for a little “Runking.”



You got a Ruck? Drop it.

Mosey around the parking lot


SSH x 11 IC (Thanks LEGO for correcting)

TTT x 10 IC

LBAC x 10 IC

LBAC x 10 IC (reverse)

IW x 10 IC

Gotta Ruck? Put it on.

No Ruck?… 15 Burpees OYO

ALL PAX showed up with Rucks. No burpees were done.

what do we have here?!…..HMMM…

YHC made up (20) 25lbs sandbags that officially have been renamed Funbags®️.

****Disclaimer on Funbags®️ If you drop it or let it touch the ground you owe 25 burpees. *****

Grab one and follow YHC.


Mosey to the Tomcat stairs.

Over head carry going up and shoulder carry on the down. Make your way up and down the stairs, mosey across the breezeway, up and down the LOPAC stairs, mosey back to the start and People’s Chair  while waiting in six.

Curls4girls x 20 OYO

OHP x 20 OYO

Peoples chair for a little bit

Mosey to the front of the school

Curls4girls x 30 OYO

OHP x 30 OYO

People’s Chair a little while

Mosey to The Hollow side of the school

Curls4girls x 40 OYO

OHP x 40  OYO (Mumble Chatter got really quite at this point.)

Mosey around the back of the school.

Calf Raises x 50 OYO

Curls4girls x 50 OYO

OHP x 50 OYO

Mosey back towards the shovel flag.

As we reached the platter box YHC did a time check and realized these Men were pushing so hard that we had time for a little something extra.

1 minute decline plank with Rucks.

Mosey back to the SF.

Return the Funbags®️ To YHC’s truck.

Gotta Ruck? Ditch it.

Mosey half way around the parking lot

Jail break the second half

Last  exercise I promise..

Moist™️ Merkins x 5 IC



BRR is coming. There are many openings

-8/18 Jailbreak Escape Urban Challenge. Details: https://www.jailbreaklexington.com/jailbreak-escape.html
-8/25 Stomp the Swamp. Register: https://www.runhard.org/pages/race-swamp.php-9/7 Blue Ridge Relay
-11/10. The Cheech. Register here: https://lexingtonhalf.com/pages/race-10k.php
-12/14 F3/FiA Christmas Party

Prayer Requests:

All injured PAX

LEGOS mother just  diagnosed with Dementia

Boat Plugs wife starting Chemotherapy this week.


Doodle‘s daughter doing very well.

Moist’s neice still fighting, but kicking butt everyday