• When: 01/28/17
  • QIC: Little Jack, Foxy, Backdraft, WaterBug
  • The PAX: FNG Ponzi (Joe Deloach), FNG Sacagawea (Robbie Lackey), FNG Snowball (Dan Cantey), FNG Schrute (Brandon Moore), Wall-E, Gecko, Little Jack, Foxy, Yogi, Monkey, Sanford, Dartanium, Duphrain, Lederhosen, Sinkhole, Green Acres, Coug, Big Load, Beary, Neon, Wambach, Couch Potato, Cornwallis, Full Monty, Paperboy, Wojo, Timber, Thriller, DaHoppa, Dipstick, Backdraft, Dumper, Krispy Kreme, Hope Solo, WaterBug

F3 Camden, Third F

Hartsville and Florence pax made the short trip to Camden to lead the third week of the F3 Camden launch. The group is growing strong with 35 in attendance with 4 FNG’s. The visiting pax came bearing gifts, but not necessarily welcome ones.The group started with a warm-up led by Little Jack.Penningtons, both forward and reverse, windmills, lots of confusion around the name of the next exercise (reach-thru, chopping wood, touch the grass) whatever you call it, imperial walkers, side straddle hops.Foxy then moved us to the tennis courts to perform 10 reps of each exercise at the corners circling the courts, then reversing direction back around them. That adds up to 70 of each.1st trip – Hand Release Merkins, 2nd Trip – Jump Squats, 3rd Trip – Big Boy situpsBackdraft then led the pax to the fountain for some pie. Pax would start in the middle completing the called exercise with the block, then bear crawl around one pie shaped section of the fountain area. Repeat as necessary until time was called.The called exercises were: curls, squats, chest presses and overhead presses all using the blocks.YHC then circled up the group for 2 rounds of Tabata with merkins and air chair, then squats and plank. The group ended the workout with Jack Webb.In the COT a short explanation of the third F was shared and how it has helped our local communities through our outreach and projects. Green Acres also shared his personal story of how the third F has impacted his life.We appreciate the opportunity to have led F3 Camden.  

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