• When: 2018-06-23
  • QIC: Eldrick and Stain
  • The PAX: Spud, Robber, Rhonda, Candy Striper, Misfire, Heist, CornStache, Stacatto, Stain, Eldrick, Splinter

Suicide and Pain Station Beatdown

11 pax showed out for the weekly beat down known as Battle. It was great to Co-Q with Stain, who has now come to Battle twice in the last 6 weeks.  He better watch out or he will get hooked.

Weather: 73 degrees and 89% humidity.  It was muggy

The Thang:

YHC took the first half of this workout.  After a very brief disclaimer we mosey to the football field.

Partner up for 30 minutes of various suicides.  Each suicide is completed by touching the 5, 10, 15, and 20 yard lines for a total of 100 yards.

Round 1: Partner 1 – normal suicide,  Partner 2 – flutter kicks. Rotate

Round 2: Partner 1 – lunge suicide, Partner 2 – Freddy Mercury’s. Rotate

Round 3: Partner 1 – Bear crawl suicide (forwards and backwards), Partner 2 – LBC’s. Rotate

Round 4: Partner 1 – Low and slow basketball slide suicide, Partner 2 – hold plank. Rotate

Round 5: Partner 1 – Broad jump suicide, Partner 2 – BBS. Rotate

Round 6: Partner 1 – crab walk suicide (forward and backwards), Partner 2 – six inches and 45 degrees. Rotate

Hand off to Stain for a pain station beat down.

Staying with your partner each pax must complete the following:

Starting at Goal line sprint to the 25 yard line and complete 10 burbees, sprint to the 50 yard line and complete 25 LBC’s, sprint to the opposite 25 yard line and complete 25 squats, sprint to the goal line and complete 25 mercans.

Run to the soccer goal on the practice field and complete 50 American Hammers (2 count) and 10 wide arm mercans

Run to the AC Flora sign and do 50 squats

Run to the battle loop and complete 10 pull-ups, run the battle loop stopping at each quarter lap mark to complete 25 mercans, 25 LBC’s, and 25 squats. Finish at the pull-up bars for 10 more.

Run back to the AC Flora sign for 50 squats. Run back to the soccer goal to complete 50 American Hammers (2 count) and 10 wide arm mercans.

A few of the pax were able to start this pain station again and get a few exercises in.

Return to COT.

Announcements: Crazy train starting on Monday.  Visit the website or twitter for the schedule.  Try to make all of them.  If you can’t, make as many as you can.  This is a wonderful opportunity to get the numbers back up at F3 Columbia.

Prayer Requests – Please continue to pray for Betamax’s uncle and that his body accepts the kidney.  Please continue to pray for Robber’s brother.  Safe travels to everyone that is on the road over the summer.

BOM – Stain