• When: 2018-12-13
  • QIC: Eldrick
  • The PAX: McNugget, Splinter, Garnish, Flo, Frosty (FNG), Wally, Deville, Apple, Pinkman, Cabana Boy, Collar, Detour, Zima, Stretch, Billy Bob, Misfire, Eldrick

Shoulders and Chest, Anyone?

35 degrees and perfect.  Excellent work by all Pax.  Welcome FNG Frosty. Very impressive on his first post.


20 Burpees OYO

Mosey to Satchel Ford parking lot.  Partner up for a Bear Crawl 1-2-3.  Partner 1 bear crawls to middle of parking lot and crawl bears back.  Partner 2 does exercises.  Flap Jack. Each team does a total of 100 BBS, 200 Merkins and 300 squats.

Mosey to bus loop for 2 rounds of Bear Crawl Indian Run (pax do merkins while person at the end bear crawls to the front).

Mosey to the wall for 2 rounds of 1 minute wall sits and 10 Chickens Peckers IC.

Mosey to COT for Hustler Merkins (ladder of 1 merkin/4 shoulder pressesup to 10 merkins and 40 shoulder presses).


Announcements – Voting for superlatives ends today.  Christmas party is tomorrow night from 6-9 at Kings Grant Clubhouse with M’s and not 2.0’s.  BYOB and bring a dish (please no chicken).