• When: 2019-03-30
  • QIC: Eldrick and McNugget
  • The PAX: Cesspool, Strudel, Rhonda, Garnish, Hustler, Gaston, McNugget, Eldrick

Rutland’s Revenge

With the convergence in Lexington postponed, Cess called on a few volunteers to take the Q.  McNugget and I stepped up.  YHC has been on the DL for a month with a shoulder injury.   McNugget is training for the Smokey Mountain Relay.  All said, we independently came to the same solution, Rutland.

Go to the front steps of AC Flora for a calf raise ladder.  15 steps with 20 calf raises on the last step.  Adds up to 125 calf raises.  Mosey to Muv parking lot and complete 20 Air Dramas (squats with a calf raise at the top).  Mosey to the bottom of Rutland where the real work began.

Partner up for Dora number 1.  100 Alternating Jump Lunges. 200 Big Boys. 300 Squats. Exercises done while partner is running up Rutland hill and back.

Hand off to McNugget for Dora number 2.  100 Carolina Dry Docks.  200 LBC’s, 300 Squats.  Each partner had to run at least one hill backwards.

Mosey back to Flora.

Back at flag do 25 Dry Docks and 25 Merkins.



All told, 3.6 miles were completed with endless hills.  Each pax completed well over 300 squats.  This is what Battle is all about.  Pushing yourself and your fellow Pax to the limits.  Everyone was hurting.  It sucked.  We all feel like crap today.  It was awesome.