• When: 2018-01-13
  • QIC: Hawg and Eldrick
  • The PAX: Splinter, CornStache, Hawg, Misfire, Cesspool, CornDog, Rosenbagger, Hustler, Eldrick

Hawg and Eldrick’s Brutal Combination

9 Pax posted at #Battle for a brutal duel Q.

Conditions: 35 degrees and Windy

The Thang: 

Hawg Q: Swift Mosey from COT to the drop off loop for lap and on to the “Pit of Despair” Circle up for a Dirty MacDeuce:

1st set: LBAC forward in cadence w/ 4,8,12 reps of a V-up w/ knee crunch

2nd set: LBAC Backward in cadence w/ 4,8,12 of a V-up w/ knee crunch

3rd set: SSH In cadence w/ 4,8,12 reps squat thrusts

4th set: Mountain Climbers in cadence w/ 4,8,12 reps of tuck jumps

Mosey to the Battle Loop Partner up to complete: 20 Pull ups, 40 Sit ups keeping hands low, 60 Squat thrusts, 1 Lap around the Battle Loop partners going opposite directions. Rinse and Repeat for a 2nd round.

Mosey back to drop off loop and work in a quick Gorilla workout: 20 gorilla squats, 20 modified gorilla push ups, Gorilla walk lateral right 20 yards, Gorilla walk lateral left 20 yards, Gorilla walk out 20 yards and back

Hand off Q to YHC – Lung walk to end of drop off, roughly 40 yards then mosey to the stairs in front of school.  Each Pax does a reverse bear crawl up the stairs with 20 merkins at the top. Walk down stairs and repeat (5 total).

Mosey to the football field for some prowler relay races.  Break into 3 teams.

Round 1: Prowler relay race across the width of the football field with each pax going once.  53.3 yards.  Losing team takes the sled 25 yards

Round 2: Prowler relay race across the width of the football field with each pax going twice.  Total of 106.6 yards each.  Losing team takes the sled 25 yards.

Round 3: Same as round 1.

Circle up for some ab work.  In cadence, 50 flutter kicks, 20 big boys, 15 Carolina Dry Docks.

Mosey back to COT

Announcements: GrowRuck, Long Run, Spring Mud Run, Grow School open to all Pax January 27th.  Hawg doing the Cross workout at intersection of Helena and Norwood.  Everyday at 5am.  Tuesday/Thursday Bootcamp. Monday/Wed/Friday Run.  Open to all who can’t make 5:30 workouts work (not an official F3 workout).

BOM: Hawg

Thank you all for the brutal workout this morning.  The first two Battles of the new year have not disjointed.  It is a pleasure to get my butt kicked with you through the week.  YHC will be getting baptized at Shandon Baptist on Sunday at 10:30 worship service.  I appreciate the positive influence you have all given me over the last 6 months.  Looking forward to the rest of 2018.