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A Dive into the Exicon ♠️♥️

AO: Hammer
Q: Garnish
PAX: Garnish, Collar, Bindi, Stretch, Duckie
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Thru the Tunnel, little baby arm circles IC x 10, 10 burpees OYO, lap around the field

THE THANG: line up for a game of blackjack at the close side of field. 1 merkin, run across for 20 LBCs (21!), 2 merkins 19 LBCs etc.

Next mosey to a field corner for Hindenburg B.L.I.M.P 10 burpees at first corner, 10 lunges each leg at second corner, 10 iron crosses at third corner, 10 merkins at 4th corner, playground for 10 P (pulse ups, plank jacks, pull-ups), back to the flag

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Charleston anniversary

COT: prayers for Duckies mom as she recovers from a fall

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