• When: 2019-01-22
  • QIC: Eldrick and McNugget
  • The PAX: Gaston, McNugget, DeVille, Wally, Blowout, Collar, Zima, Misfire, Pinkman, Boo Boo, Eldrick

Hammer Block Party ft. Burpees

Conditions: 27 degrees

YHC got the invite from McNugget yesterday afternoon to help host the block party.  I happily accepted knowing this was the only way I would make it after my going away party at work.

After the safety disclaimer every pax does 10 burpees. It is explained to pax that if anyone puts their block on the ground, every pax is punished with 5 burpees. Grab the blocks and mosey to the empty area in the woods.  McNugget drops his block so everyone does 5 burpees. Artillery fire (block between your legs, pick up and put in front of you, frog hop over block) the blocks to second pole, about 120 yards.   LBCs while waiting for all to finish.  2 count flutter kicks IC to 25. This really sucked.

Mosey with blocks to the bottom of Landrum.  Colt 45’s.  YHC then puts his block on the ground so all Pax do 5 burpees.  Mosey to flag pole where Gaston leads all pax in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  He then places his block on the ground and all do 5 burbees.

Mosey to intersection of Oakhill and Reamer.  10 Elf on a Shelfs. 5 burpees.

Mosey to the intersection of Oakhill and Ravenwood. All Pax do 10 blockees.

Mosey to the front of Sachelford Elementary and do curls while waiting on pax. Then do rows with blocks.  Throw in 5 burpees for a penalty.

Mosey to bus loop.  Place blocks off to the side.  Do a shuttle run to the first crape myrtle, the first crosswalk and then the second crosswalk.  Because blocks were placed on the ground all pax do 5 burpees.

Mosey to Wall.  2 minutes of wall sits with the bricks. 10 Chicken Peckers IC without bricks.  5 burpees because bricks were placed on the ground.  Mosey to put back blocks.


BOM – McNugget

Great work by all Pax.  This was a very difficult workout that all will be feeling for a few days.